Staff & Volunteers

staff june 2014b

Left to right: Pam C., Pam P., Cindy, Annette, Sally

Our Staff

  • Chris Hubbard, Program Director
  • Pam Petersen, Director of Office Administration
  • Selia “Sally” Najera Chaparro, Breast Care Specialist
  • Pam Condy, Breast Care Specialist
  • Cindy De Benning, Breast Care Specialist
  • Annette Lewellyn, Breast Care Specialist
  • Gina D’Angelo, Wig Stylist
  • Jenna Priest, Wig Stylist
  • Candice Silva, Receptionist
  • Teri Lira, Administrative Assistant

Our Volunteers

  • Judy Cooper, Office Administration Support
  • Janice Florence, Outreach Program and Billing
  • Mary Jane Hassman, Accounts Receivable Assistant
  • Nancy Little, Database Coordinator
  • Karen Bielaski, Database Support
  • Lisa Stambaugh, Web Diva®
  • Cindi Masters – Breast Care Specialist in Training
  • Sheri Orloff, Database Support
  • Ellen Wilson, Executive Director Support
  • Jill Langey-Stovall, Grant Writing
  • Kathleen Quinn, Grant Writing
  • Lisa Lindert, Special Project
  • Tiffany Cheung, Program Director Support